Anunaki Token

The Anunaki Token has been integrated into a 3 token ecosystem called Power of 3(PW3) consisting of: 1) Anunaki Token 2) BitMaxx Token 3) PowerSurge Token New Information: Website: Telegram: Dapp:

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A Collection of 106 NFTS available for minting: 35 Bird, 35 Human, 35 Reptile. 1 Legendary NFT in the mix! NFT Rewards holders with 2% PWR rewards split evenly between all holders. See tokenomics below! NFT's can be minted for 10K Power!


Power Reflections - 2%

2 percent Power Reflections on Buy/Sells to token holders

Safumaxx Reflections - 2%

2 percent Safumaxx Reflections on Buy/Sells to token holders

NFT Power Rewards - 2%

2 percent of Buys/Sells divided evenly between each NFT holder

Liquidity - 2%

LP insertion

Marketing - 2%

2 percent Marketing on Buy/Sells

MaxxChain Contract:


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